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             TIPSをまとめた TNBCFGalsも訳したtofu50も医師でも医療関係者でもない単なるTNBC患者。治療方法、薬、化粧品、食べ物 などについては必ず主治医にご確認ください。
Empower yourself! Educate yourself about your pathology reports and treatments through reliable internet websites and/or books.

Ask about preserving fertility prior to starting chemo.

There is free options. In Burnaby BC for Canada.

If you have mixed feelings about doing chemo vs. alternative medicine, make peace with it as much as possible. Practice visualizations; speak with a therapist who understands.

There is no such thing as a stupid question!

Keep asking questions until you get the answers you need to make informed decisions.

If you have any questions during the months you are taking chemo, be sure to contact your oncologist.

Have your D levels checked before chemo. This is a simple blood test. If they are low, ask your oncologist if you can safely take vitamin D3 during your treatments.

Accept that you will not always feel positive; you will have bad days and that’s ok.

Don’t be afraid to ask others for help. People are more than willing to help; they just don’t know what to do for you unless you ask specifically.

If you have had surgery before chemo, use lots of pillows for sleeping post surgery to prevent you form rolling over. The drain is the worst part of the surgery. Mastectomy can leave your chest numb, not just the incision.
1. 自分 の病理結果と治療について、信頼できるインターネットや書籍で学習する。


3.フリーオプションがある。カナダ、Burnaby BC(British Columbia
4.化学療法VS代替療法に迷いあるなら、できるだけその迷いを解消する。可視化しよう;分かってくれるセラピ ストと話す。



7.化学療法をしている時に疑問があれば、必ず腫瘍内科医 に確 認する。

8.化学療法の前にビタミンDレベルを簡単な血液検査でチェック。もしDが低ければ、治療中にビタミンD3を飲んでよいか腫 瘍内科医に尋ねる

9.自分がいつもプラス思考ではいられないことを認める。落ち込む時期もあるけれ ど、それは普通のこと。


化学療法の前に手術があるなら、手術後は寝返 りするのを防ぐためたくさんの枕を使う。ドレーンは手術の最悪の部分。全摘手術では、切り口以外にも胸のしびれが残る。


When you are getting your “team” together after you are first diagnosed…you know…all the people who beg you to let them know what they can do for you….have your Mom/sister/dearest friend work up a 6 MONTH or 1 YEAR commitment sheet, acknowledging that treatment goes on for a long time. Ask them to cook dinner once a week for 6 months, to come over the first Sunday of every month to help clean for one year, etc. The hardest part can be when everyone has moved on and forgotten, and you are still bald, menopausal, and feeling alone.

One gal says that toward the end, the worst part was that food didn’t taste like anything.

Fear not; the clouds do part, your hair grows back and you can almost delight in you favorite snacks within a very short time of when it’s over! Until then, by all means go from couch to bed and back no more than twice a day. Eat only what you feel like eating. Order your family around and make them scrub the toilets. Now is the time to play the cancer card, big time!

Canada has a volunteer driver program for appointments, so call them if you need help.

Have a family member or friend help you prepare meals in advance for your family and freeze them, or ask a family member or friend to prepare the meals for you. (You may not feel up to eating them, but they will be there for your family on the day that you have chemo, and the days following chemo).

Tell your husband and entire family that the doctor prohibits you from doing housework during this time. This can be for as long as a year! Do not push for any longer than that, or they will become suspicious.

Make a “woman cave”…spare bedroom or a reading corner where you can sleep and just be alone. Do this prior to starting treatments.

Make arrangements in advance for childcare. Especially for the day of chemo and possibly for days following chemo.

Make arrangements for acupuncture throughout treatment. If you do receive acupuncture, the gals on the site will tell you to make sure that the area where the needles are to be inserted is cleaned really well with alcohol.

12.最初の診断の後、あ なたのことを気にかけてくれる母親、姉妹、親友と共に"チー ム"と して団結していく時に、、治療が長い間続く事を認識し、半年または一年の役割分担シートを作り上げる。
一 番辛いのは、あなたはまだ髪が生えて来なくて、その上更年期で、孤独なのに、皆がそれぞれの人生を歩んでいて、忘れられていると感じる時


晴れの日は来る。髪は元通り生えるし、終わればすぐに好きなスナックを楽し め る。それまでは、ソファからベッドに行って戻るのは一日2回までにする。食べたいと思うものだけを食べる。周囲の家族に言って、ト イレを掃除してもらう。さあ、「がん」の切り札を使える、愉快な時がきた。


15.カナダには予約できるボランティアド ライバーがいる、必要なら

16.家族か友人に、あらかじめ家族のための食事を用意し冷 凍して おくのを手伝ってもらう、あるいは家族か友人に自分の食事を作ってもらう。(自分が食べたいと思わなくても、自分が化学療法を受けた日や翌日も、その食事が家族のためにあることになる。)




18.“女の隠れ家を 作る、眠れて、一人になれる予備の寝室あるいは読書コーナー。化学療法を始める前にしておく


針で刺され る身体の部分をアルコール でよく消毒してもらう事を確認するようにと、このサイトのgalsは助言するでしょう。


Do your errands the days before chemo, or have someone do them for you.

Expect hair loss with several of the chemo meds. Check with your Oncologist. Prepare ahead of time by purchasing a wig, caps, several scarves, hats. Get a couple of wigs that are completely different from your regular hair. Realize that these are all hot!

Shave your head before your hair comes out on its own.

Some of the gals have used painter’s tape and even duct tape to remove any stray hair that may linger.

Buy a set of satin pillowcases for your use exclusively. Some gals found them at Target; others found them at Bed Bath and Beyond. They are so soothing, and your beautiful almost bald, and baldhead will simply glide over them.

You may experience times when your head “hurts’ when your hair is falling out. That is normal.

There is a Canadian product…Nisim shampoo for helping hair re-growth.

In the US, the gals say there are 3 products from Nioxin which are suggested for hair re-growth. They are Scalp Therapy, Follicle Booster and Cytonutrient.

One gal said that she had bad nails with ACT.They become thin, some even fall off, brittle, stained looking, some black marks which never left. She had the same problem which started while she was on Taxotere. These meds can also cause some of your toenails to become thicker.

You have a choice as to where your chemo port goes. Have them mark the spot while sitting up prior to lying down, as the scar can be in an awkward position.
21.化学療法の前に用事を済ませるか、誰かに それをやってもらう。

22.何回かの化学療法で脱毛することを想定す る。腫 瘍内科 医にチェック。その前に、カツラ、キャップ、スカーフ、帽子を用意する。自分の髪型と全く異なるカツラも買う。これは全部最新流行なんだと感じること。


24.何人かの女性は医療用のテープあるいはダ クト テープ(台所用の銀色テープ)で残ったほつれ毛を取り去っている。

25.自分用にサテンの枕カバーを買う。何人かはTarget(アメリカの百貨店)で見つけ、他の人はBed Bath Beyond見つけた。髪が殆どな い貴方の美しい頭を心地よい感触で包んでくれるでしょう

髪が抜ける時に痛みを感じる ことがある。それはよくあること。

27.カナダの製品、Nisimシャンプー は育毛を助ける。

28.育毛に勧められるNioxin3つの製品が あるとアメリカの女性は言う。それは
Scalp  TherapyFollicle Booster Cytonutrient.

29.ACT(抗がん剤3種 の 頭文字)でひどい爪になったとある女性言う。爪は薄くなり、いくつかは剥がれ落ち、もろくなり、
色 が変わり、取れない黒い斑点ができた。彼女がタキソールを始めると、同じ問題が起きた。これらは足の爪を厚く することもある。

30.化学療法用ポートをどこに付けるか選べる。(ポートの) 手術痕が目立つ位こともあるので、横になる前に、座った状態でその位置に目印を付ける。

If you have a port on the left side, you can get a Rx from your oncologist so that you do not have to wear your shoulder belt while driving. This can irritate your port.

Take someone you can laugh with to chemo. It helps pass the time more quickly.

Telephone support to talk one on one to someone who understands. Cancer connect in Canada.

It has been suggested to sleep in a recliner for the first 4-5 days following each chemo treatment. It helps prevent nausea and headaches. If it is possible, move the recliner to the bedroom before the first chemo, just to be prepared. Some prefer to have it in another room. Possibly “the woman’s cave”.

Make sure that you have all the prescriptions filled that you will be taking prior to each treatment!

Pack a “chemo bag”. Put in magazines, your favorite soft blanket, book, iPod, crossword puzzle book, newspaper, snacks, water, paper/pen, notebook, soothing music, salty foods such as pretzels.

Do not put your favorite songs on your iPod to listen to, or you will neurologically reprogram your mind and throw up when you hear them in the future.

From the time they start administering the med, try visual imaging. Imagine those cancer cells being swept away by the ocean waves, or taken away on the wings of a beautiful bird, or being caught in the bubbles of bath water, popping and floating down the drain. Peaceful imaging is suggested. Peaceful thoughts are suggested.

Some have experienced the “blurred” vision almost as soon as they start administering the meds. Almost all have said that they experienced the “blurred” vision for days following chemo. It has been difficult for most to even type on the computer, and reading or watching the television presents a problem.

Be patient…things can change, when going for your chemo treatments. Don’t set yourself up for a rigid schedule as delays do happen, i.e.; bookings, WBC not where they have to be to take the treatments. The first treatment can take as long as 6-7 hours.

31.もしポートが左側なら、運転中のシートベルトがポートをこするた め、付 けられないので、腫瘍内科医からの証明書をもらうこと。

32.化学療法に笑わせくれる人と行く。そうす ると時 が速く過ぎる。

Cancer connect in Canada

34.化学療法後初めの4-5日 はリクライニングチェアで眠るよう勧められている。吐き気や頭痛の防止に役立つ。できるなら、 最初の化学療法の前に準備としてリ クライニングチェアを寝室に移す。他の部屋を 好む人もいる。できるなら女の隠れ家に。


36.“化学療法バッグを 作る。雑誌、好きな柔らかい毛布、本、iPod、クロスワードパズル、新聞、軽食、水、紙/ペン、ノート、落ち着く音楽、プレッツェルのような塩味の食べ物。

37.あなたの好きな歌をiPod入 れないことさもないと、あなたの心が神経的に再プログラムされ て、将来それを聞いた時に嘔吐する。

38.薬物が投与され始めたら、視覚的なイメージを思い浮かべる。がん 細胞 が、海の波に一掃される、美しい鳥の羽で運び去られる、風呂の湯の泡に捕まえられて、ポンとはじけて、排水溝に流れて行くと想像する。平和なイメージをお 勧めする。平和な思索をお勧めする。

39.薬物が投与され始めると、ぼけた見えを経験をする人もいる。化学 療法か ら数日はぼけた見えが続く人がほとんどである。多くの人はコンピュータのタイプさえ難しく、読書あるいはテレビを見ると問題が起きる。


40.気長にいきましょう化学療法をやっていると、状況が変わることがある。遅れが生じるので厳 しいスケ ジュー ルを設定しない。例えば、予約、
治療に必要に値に達しない白血球。最初の治療は6-7時 間かかることもあ る。
Have someone go with you to your chemo treatments, or take you and pick you up. You will not be able to drive and should not be driving a vehicle.

Do not go to the mall, or shop for food afterwards. You may think you are feeling fine, but others have tried this and it is not a wise decision.

Do not lie in the sun after treatment.

If you are felling up to it, go out for a good meal after treatment. It can be the last good meal you will enjoy for a few days.

Wear something comfortable to treatments.

Stay up the night before so you can sleep during treatments.

Emend above all!!!

Do take all of the drugs they give you for nausea on time!

You might want to try Compazine for the 5th and 6th day after the anti-emetics were to be stopped, for “breakthrough” nausea, which may happen.

Some gals have gotten the prescription for medical marijuana, and reported that it did help. You have to do whatever it takes to get you through these treatments.

41.化学療法に誰かと一緒に行く、あるいは車 で拾っ て行ってもらう。車を運転できないだろうし、運転するべきではない。

42.(化学療法後)ショッピングモールや食料 品店に行かない。気分が良いと思っているかもしれないが、他の人がやってみた結果、賢くない判断だった。


44.(fellingはfeelingのタイプミス?)気分が良ければ、治療後においしい食事をしに行くこと。それがその後 数日間味わえない 最後のおいしい食事になる。


46.治療中眠れるように前夜は夜遅くまで起き てい る。


48.もらった吐き気のための薬は定時 に全て 飲む。

49.吐き気止め薬をやめた後の5-6日 目に、起こるかもしれない吐き気を"切り抜ける(break throughの意味)"ためにCompazine(頭痛薬)を試してみるのもよいかもしれない。(不確かなので医師に必ず確認のこと!tofu50

50.医療用大麻の処方をもらっている女性たちは役に立ったと報告して いる。この治療をやり通すためには何でもするべき。

Some gals have used Lorazepam when they are feeling overwhelmed by everything.

Avoid spicy foods, unless you crave them. Eat what you crave.

Avoid sugar to lessen mouth sores (and a good idea in general).

Day of chemo have a light meal. Some have suggested to carb starve the day of chemo, and as soon as they start administering the meds, carb load.

To lessen dry mouth, suck on hard candies, popsicles, or ice chips. One gal has recommended fudgesicles as she said the ice chips made her feel nauseated. Do the ice chips during infusion. Start this before chemo, continue during chemo treatments.

Use magic mouthwash to prevent mouth sores. This is one of the prescriptions you should have filled before you start chemo.

Do not look when they shoot the nasty red one (Adriamyicin) in your vein!

One gal says that instead of thinking of the Adriamyicin as the “red devil”…she told the chemo nurse that the chemo was “liquid gold” coursing through her body getting rid of the cancer cells. Try to imagine the chemo as the allies in the war you are waging against triple negative breast cancer.


55.口の痛みを和らげるのに砂糖を使わない。(普段も痛みに砂糖を使 わない)

56.化学療法の日には軽い食事。化学療法の日に炭水化物を取らない で、薬の投与が始まったらすぐ、炭水化物を取ることを勧める人もい る。

Popsicle棒アイスキャンデー)、氷をなめる。ある女性は氷で吐き気したためFudgesicle(棒アイスクリーム)を勧めた。点 滴の間は氷をなめる。化学療法の前に始めて、化学療法中は続ける。

58.魔法のうがい薬を口の痛みを防ぐのに使う。これは化 学療法前に出してもらうべき処方の一つ。


60.あ る女性は、アドリアマイシンのことを赤 い悪魔と 呼ばずに、がん細胞を体から除去するために駆け巡る“liquid gold(黄 金の液体)と して考えようと化学療法看護師に言った。化学療法をトリプルネガティブ乳癌に対する戦争の同盟国と想像してみよ う。

Drink 3 liters (quarts) of water a day at least while on chemo, and start a day or two before chemo. Drink lots and lots of water before chemo, during chemo and continue to do so every day after chemo. Water detoxifies the kidneys.

Drink more fluids clear in color such as apple juice, ginger ale, tea, broth, jellos, Gatorade, High-C.

Note: Some people found that they could not tolerate fruit juices as they can cause diarrhea.

Cauliflower/radishes help with bad taste in the mouth.

Have them use mephitic tape if you are allergic to adhesive tape for dressings/incisions post op.

You may notice a chemical smell on your clothing and bed linens. This is from the chemo. You will also notice this smell after using the toilet. You are excreting the chemicals from your body. Again, stay hydrated as it flushes all those chemicals out of your body.

You may feel a burning sensation in the bladder and in the vaginal area, and some gals have reported that they felt this as soon as the meds were being administered. You may experience a burning sensation when you void. There is a possibility that the vagina and the urethra will become dry, due to the chemo.

While you are having the meds administered, you will probably have to use the bathroom. If you happen to look in the mirror, do not be alarmed at your skin color. It will have changed to a grayish color. That is also from the chemo meds.

If one of your meds is Adriamyicin, do not be alarmed if your urine is red. That is why you must continue to drink the water.

Eat a low fat, high fiber diet. Constipation can present a problem during chemo treatments.

Prepare for constipation by taking prescribed medications in a timely fashion

61.化学療法中は少なくとも3リットルの水を飲む、化学療法の1-2日 前から始める。たくさんの水を化学療法の前、化学療法中に飲み、化学療法後も毎日続ける。水は腎臓を解毒する。

62.リンゴジュース、ジンジャーエール、茶、 jello(ゼリー)、ゲタレード、ハイCのような澄んだ色の液体をもっと飲 む。

フ ルーツジュースを飲むと下痢になるという人も何人かいた。

64.カリフラワー/ラ ディッシュは口のひどい味を和らげる。

mephitic(悪臭?) テープを使う。

66.服やベッドの寝具に化学物質の匂いを感じるかもしれない。トイレ の後に もこの匂いを感じるだろう。あなたの体から化学物質が出でいるから。これらの化学物質全てを体から流しだすため、{すいぶん ほきゅう 水分補給状態{すいぶん ほきゅう じょうたい}を保つこと。

67.膀胱やヴァギナに焼けるような感覚を感じるかもしれない。薬の投 与が あってすぐそれを感じたと何人かの女性が報告している。
排尿{はいにょう}の時にも焼けるような感覚を感じるかもしれない。化学療法によりヴァギナと尿道 が乾燥する可能性がある。

68.薬が投与されている時に、バスルームを多分使うだろう。たまたま 鏡を見 ても、自分の肌の色に驚かないように。灰色に変わっていても、それは化学療法のせい。


69.薬の一つがア ドリア マイシンの場合は、自分の尿が赤くても驚かないこと。それが水を飲み続けなくてはならない理由。

脂肪が少な く、繊維が多い食事を取る。便秘は化 学療法中に問題になりうる。

71.便秘に備えて処方された薬をタイムリー に摂取する。
For nausea eat raw almonds and crystallized ginger together.

Eat bananas, potatoes and meats to maintain a normal potassium level. Potassium is needed for muscles to function properly.

A change in diet may occur since your taste for foods that were your favorites may not taste as good now. Some have said that they went back to the “comfort foods” of their childhood, such as soups and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Eat what you want and when you want. You must eat!!

Eat small meals. Some have suggested as many as 6 meals a day.

Make an effort to exercise even if it is just for a little while each day.

Don’t overdo it with exercising but also don’t believe them when they tell you “if you get lymphodema it never goes away”.

Do not overdo. Be flexible. If you are feeling better, plan an outing or chores. Please do them in small frames of time, until you know what you can handle. You may think you have the energy, but may not. This cannot only set you back physically, but it is emotionally frustrating.

Do not attempt to walk long distances. The hills (especially in Seattle), will still be there when you are feeling better. You will tire easily. Gauge yourself. Or, you can have someone drive the car right along where you are walking, and they can take you home when you start to feel ill. Otherwise, you may have to call someone to come and get you.

72.吐き気のために生のアーモンドと砂糖漬けのショウガを一緒に食べ る。

73.正常なカリウムのレベルを保つため、バナ ナ、 ジャガイモ、肉を食べる。筋肉が正しく機能するにはカリウムが必要。

74.以前好きだった食べ物の味が、今はあまりおいしくなくなって食生活が変わるかもしれない。スープや焼いたチーズサンドのような子供の頃の好物が戻っ てきた という人もいる。

75.食べたい物を食 べたい 時に食べなさい。食べなくてはならない!!


77.毎日、ほんの少しでも運動するよう努力す る。


気分が良い と思ったら、外出や家事をしよう。自分の体力の限界範囲が分かるまでは、短い時間に区切って活動しよう。自分は出来ると思っても、まだ無理かもしれない。 これは肉体的な疲労感をもたらすだけではなく、気持ち的にもイライラしてしまう。

(特にシアトルでは)は 消えないで、あなたが元気になるまで待っている。あなたは疲れやす い。自分 自身を正しく判断。自分が歩くのに沿って車を運転してもらい体調が悪いと思ったらつれて帰ってもらう。あるいは、つれて帰ってと電話してもよい。

Do sleep as much as possible. Some say it is like sleeping off a hangover.

Some have reported becoming very dizzy when trying to shower the day of, or even a few days after chemo. Make sure that someone is nearby when you shower, in case you need help.

Have something to do at night when the steroids keep you awake. Don’t try to fight it, and sleep when you can.

If you need a sleeping aid, in a study, Unisom was found to be the one to use when you are on chemo. It is not habit forming. This was recommended by a brother-in-law who is a Registered Nurse.

Do things for yourself. Take a bubble bath, go out to lunch or do a little bit of shopping on the days you feel up to it. Go to see funny movie or rent them to watch at home. Read a funny book.

Go topless (bald) often. With some great earrings and makeup, you’ll look fabulous! Do the “Look Good…Feel Better” class.

Make plans for the future, such as preparations for planting a garden, or planning a weekend get-a-way.

One bit of advice from someone was that even after a year, you feel like you are in a dream.

Listen to your body. When you are tired, rest.


シャ ワーに入る前に、すぐに助けが求められるように近くに人にいてもらう。

夜、ステロイドで目が冴えている時は何か を準備しておく。無理に寝ようとしないで、眠れる時に眠る。


85.自分のためになにかする。できそうだと思 う時 に、泡風呂に入り、外出して昼食、ちょっと買い物。面白い映画を見る、あるいは家でレンタルビデオを見る。面白い本を読む。

禿頭)になる。大きなイアリングをつけお化粧するとすごい。"Look GoodFeel Better"


88.ある人からの一言、1年たって も、まだ夢の中にいるように感じる。

89.自分の体の声を聞く。疲れたら休みなさ い。

(注)Look GoodFeel Better


Don’t believe that radiation is “nothing compared to chemo”, or that it has “virtually no side-effects, save a little fatigue.”

Take a break if your skin needs it no matter what the docs might tell you. This is your body and you know it better than anyone!

Don’t freak out about skipping a session. They’ll just add it to the end and you need to listen to your body when it says enough is enough.

Do have them give you a script for BIAFINE. NOTE: most insurance companies won’t cover it. So it will cost you between $39.00-$65.00.

Stay out of the sun and tanning beds. (Don’t count on beach umbrellas to protect you)

Buy an Aloe Vera plant. They are always good to have in the house for burns and if you need it for rads, it will be there. Take some of the leaves from the plant and put them in the fridge…..mmmmmmm feels so good!

Get Aquaphor. It’s a cream, almost a gel that you can get at Target, Walgreens, anywhere. It seems to help a lot, especially if you use it from the very start of rads, even before you start getting red. Take a little bottle in your purse, and put it on right after treatment. You are not supposed to use this product or any other cream, deodorant, etc., beforehand as they will affect the rads.

It has been suggested that you use only Dove unscented soap. Some soaps can irritate the area being radiated, causing it to burn. Consult with your oncologist as to what they recommend.

Don’t be shy about getting comfortable on the table, before they start contorting and positioning you. There is this little head rest thing they put under your neck that we suspect is really a brick or a big cement block or something, and if you get in the wrong position, you will be very uncomfortable for the next 20 minutes.

Don’t spend money on those silly Aveeno oatmeal packs. They contain oatmeal powder and nothing else, which you can also make by putting generic oats in your own blender.

Wear something loose, silky or soft against your body such as a camisole. Nothing tight since it would rub against the tender skin.

Some have suggested that you wear a mans cotton shirt.

It is suggested that you wear pure cotton, (laundered many times), white men’s undershirts inside out so the soft, white cotton is touching your skin. Iron then to sterilize them. No seams will ever rub the sensitive area above the shoulders and neck region or the underarms because there are no rough edges.

Do “eye yoga” during the session….it will make the time go quicker and help with any blurry eyesight.

化学療法に比べたらたいしたことはない殆ど副作用なんかないちょっと疲れが溜まるだけ.” というのは信じない。

91.たとえ、医師がなんと言おうとも肌に必要なら休 みを入れる。誰よりも、自分の体のことは自分が知っている。

92.セッションを飛ばすことを恐れない。最後にそれが加わるだけ、自 分の体 の声を聞く、体が十分と言うなら十分。

(やけど用クリーム) の処方箋を もらう。注意:殆どの保険会社はカバーしていない。値段$39.00-$65.00の間。

94.太陽光や日焼けベッドを避ける。(ビー チパラソルでの日除けは十分ではない。)

95.アロエの苗木を買う。やけどに備えて家に置くと良いし、放射線治 療で必 要なときそこにある。苗木から葉を取り冷蔵庫に入れる。

(幼児用クリーム)を手に 入れる。それはクリームで、Target, Walgreens, (百貨店)などで手に入れられる。特に放射線の初期や赤くなり始める前でも使うと、とても役に立つ。小さい瓶を財布に入れ、治療直後に塗る。
し かし、この製品や、他のクリーム、デオドラントは放射線に影響するので、放射線治療の前には使ってはいけないことになっている。

の無香料石鹸だけが勧められて きた。ある石鹸は放射線を浴びた部分をひりひ りさせることがある。何がお勧めかを腫瘍内科医に相談すること。

98.身体をひねって位置あわせする前に、台の上を寛げるようにするこ とをためらわない。まるでレンガか大きなセメントかなにかのように感じる小さな頭支えがあるが、悪い場所に置くと、その後20分とても不快になる。


99.ア ビーノ
・オートミール・パックは買わない。こ れはオートミール以外何も入って いない、それは一般のオーツ麦を自分の容器で混ぜて作れる。

100.キャミソールのような体にゆるくて滑ら かで柔らかいものを着る。柔らかな肌をこするきついもの以外を。


が肌に当たるように着るとよい。消毒のためにアイロンをかけ る。粗い縁がが無いので、縫い目が 肩、首、脇の下の敏感な場所をこすることがない。


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